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Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice  

The Firm’s attorneys have expertise representing corporations, governmental entities, and individuals in a wide range of business disputes. We have particular experience in real estate and financial disputes, energy, natural resources, and utility matters; trade secret and intellectual property claims; contractual and employment disputes; unfair competition claims; securities and investment litigation; defense of professional advisors, officers and directors and related indemnification claims in these areas. The Firm’s attorneys have trial experience in the state and federal courts of California and other jurisdictions, and we regularly represent clients in alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation, arbitration and mini-trials. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the best possible outcome in the most rapid and cost efficient manner available.

The Firm’s attorneys represent corporations and individuals in a wide range of business disputes. We have particular expertise in solving real estate and finance problems; trade secret and intellectual property claims; energy, endangered species and natural resources matters; contractual and employment disputes; unfair competition claims; securities and investment related litigation; the defense of professional advisors, officers and directors; and indemnification disputes.

The Firm’s attorneys have trial experience in the state and federal courts of California, as well as in the courts of many other states throughout the United States. We only take cases to trial when that is in our clients’ best interests. As our goal is always to provide our clients with the most efficient and effective method to resolve any problem, we are equally experienced in representing parties in mediations, arbitrations, and other forums of dispute resolution.

The Firm’s attorneys have conducted many arbitrations and mediations under the jurisdiction of the California courts, the American Arbitration Association, other private arbitration and mediation services, the National Association of Securities Dealers, and the New York Stock Exchange. Our attorneys also serve as arbitrators or mediators in private matters and in court proceedings.

In addition to years of experience in representing businesses and entrepreneurs, the Firm has particular expertise in representing governmental entities, and regulated businesses and industries. For example, the Firm’s litigation attorneys represent Pacific Gas & Electric Company in hydroelectric licensing and related natural resource matters, and in certain California Public Utilities Commission proceedings. The Firm also represents the City and County of San Francisco in several complex real estate and licensing disputes. We represent the U.S. Small Business Administration in some commercial disputes.

Recently, the Firm’s litigation attorneys have enjoyed several notable successes:

  • The Firm represented Pacific Gas & Electric Company in obtaining a new hydroelectric license from the Federal Energy Commission for the Mokelumne Project 137, (including) after negotiating the resolution of various natural resources issues.

  • The Firm assisted the City of Tracy in the final recovery on its claims in an extensive proceeding in bankruptcy court in Texas arising out of a multi-state securities fraud litigation.

  • The Firm obtained protection for a client faced with misappropriation of trade secrets and customer lists by a regional manager.

  • The Firm represented the San Francisco Unified School District in establishing rent for certain portfolio real estate properties.

  • The Firm arbitrated a substantial contractual dispute related to the purchase of accounts by a large security alarm financing company.

  • The Firm represented clients with matters involving state and federal resource agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish & Game, and the California State Water Resources Control Board. These matters often involve issues under the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, Special Use Authorizations on federal lands, and state water rights.

Commitment to Client Service
When it becomes necessary for you to engage counsel, you want lawyers who understand your business, who have expertise and proven success in handling the sophisticated legal issues you face and who can resolve matters competently and effectively. You expect your lawyers to be excellent advocates and communicators and to be accessible and responsive when you call. In short, you expect your lawyers to work as a team with you and your colleagues toward effectively achieving the best possible results.

Individually, the Firm’s lawyers possess a high degree of knowledge and experience. Collectively, we are able to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to solving a client’s problem. We are dedicated to giving each client our thorough and expert attention, and to responding to their needs promptly and efficiently. We value the relationships we have developed with our clients and appreciate the trust and confidence they have shown us throughout the years.

We welcome the opportunity to present you with this resume of our expertise and background. We welcome your questions and an opportunity to meet with you.

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